Bra Fitting Guide


To calculate the right bra size, you need to take two measurements: the under-bust width and bust width.

Stand up straight with the tape measure held horizontal, close to your skin. Ensure that your arms down.


1. Under-bust width: Place the tape measure underneath the bust, holding it straight with the centimetre side facing towards you. It should be held tight around the body.
The under-bust width gives you the first part of the size, rounded up or down to the nearest 5 cm.

As the tape measure is not elastic but the bra is, it is essential that the tape measure is held close to the body when taking measurements.


2. Bust width: Place measuring tape loosely over the fullest part of the bust,
horizontally and with the centimetre, the side facing out. When doing this, the measuring tape should be at the same height on the back as over the bust.

Your cup size is calculated from the difference between the width under and the
width of the bust. See the size chart below.



Measured under-bust width
65cm Bra Size 8
70cm Bra Size 10
75cm Bra Size 12
80cm Bra Size 14
85cm Bra Size 16
90cm Bra Size 18
95cm Bra Size 20
100cm Bra Size 22
105cm Bra Size 24
Bust width - The rises are defined as follows
13cm difference A Cup
15cm difference B Cup
17cm difference C Cup
19cm difference D Cup
21cm difference DD Cup
23cm difference E Cup
25cm difference F Cup
27cm difference G Cup